New! Home Staging from Sage Interiors – Stand Out Staging.

From the founder of Sage Interiors, we are eager to announce a new adventure – Stand Out Staging! Home staging was not always a part of Nicole's vision. Still, with the success of dozens of home styles, healthy vendor relationships Sage Interiors has established, and a wave of real estate client inquiries, home staging felt like an open road paved with opportunity. Much like the Sage Interiors design philosophy, Nicole and her team believe you should live in a home you love and fill it with pieces that spark a feeling of nostalgia and joy in you.

Stand Out Staging helps both sellers and buyers find the beauty and comfort in each listing. What makes SOS 'stand out' from other home staging companies is the concept "we are intentionally emotive," claims Nicole. Home buying is an emotional decision. Nicole and her team don't just highlight the beauty of the build; they take the time to educate themselves on the home details, the market, and the target audience so that every stage will not only look like home but, more importantly, it will feel like a personalized home too.

"There was a genuine pervasive energy, of joy and support. It was just what we needed to get the project done right and make it the success we were looking for." - Jenny Bossick, Lead Designer, Contemporary Landscape