Sustainably Sourced + Mindfully Made

Eco-conscious values are ones we have held tightly throughout the cultivation and development of our brand. It’s Earth month, so we thought this is an extra fitting time to share a bit more about how we curate our collections here at Sage Interiors.

We believe the pieces in your home should inspire you and support your life. Every Sage signature piece tells a unique story of its origin, just as unique as you are. Whether you shop online or in the gallery, you'll see our most meaningful values across thousands of our favorite pieces: handmade with love, crafted from local materials, made in the USA, reclaimed, FSC-certified, and sustainably sourced. We make every effort to ensure that our signature collections meet the highest standards of eco-craftsmanship – here are some of our favorites!

HOUE & Bamboo

Our newest outdoor furnture maker, specializes in designing with bamboo. Due to its fast growth, bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than ordinary woods. Bamboo also recycles large amounts of CO2. Bamboo can absorb 30% CO2 and release more than 35% oxygen, so choosing bamboo as material means contributing positively to CO2 evolution! In addition to its fast-growing nature, bamboo is a very strong and hard material and is barely affected by humidity.

Upcycled Demin Monroe Sofa

One of our most loved sofa designs, the Monroe sofa is featured in a gorgeous upholstry grey fabric created from upcycled demin. Demin scraps reclaimed from Guatemala's demin mills are ground, shredded, and womven into curated fabrics free from synthetics, chemicals, and dyes. We love sustainably sourced style!

Gus Modern & Upcycled Plastic

Constructed with kiln-dried 100% FSC®-Certified hardwood, some of our most popular sofas are also the most sustainable! The Logan sofa uses a clean, ultra soft, long-strand fiber fill material that offers the comfort and feel of traditional down. This PET material is created through a process that benefits the environment by diverting 945 plastic bottles away from landfills, waterways and oceans for each Logan Bi-Sectional Gus builds!

Ethnicraft & FSC-Certified

Every piece of Ethnicraft wood is sourced from responsibly and carefully managed forests, giving it an unsurpassed noble and renewable character. The Ethnicraft Teak collection also includes products certified as FSC® 100%. They even carry the FSC® COC certificate that verifies the path of products through the whole supply chain. We love the transparency and dedication to eco-craftsmanship that goes into each beautifully designed piece at Ethnicraft.

MagicLinen Bed Sheets

One of our most favorite accessories – linen sheets! Natural linen is derived from flax plants, which are renewable resources that can grow in poor soil and do not require any chemical pesticides. It is fully biodegradable and can be easily recycled, making it one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world. We are proud to feature MagicLinen for their ongoing sustainable production methods. Besides using local supply chains and eco packaging, they recycle and promote zero-waste in their facilities (creating tea towels and oven mitts from leftover linen pieces)!

Natural and Upcycled Rugs

We love to layer with rugs here at Sage. The patterns, textures, warmth and layers of our curated rugs bring an unmatched depth and finishing touch to each room. Natural, renewable fibers tend to be the most environmentally friendly and include organic cotton, jute, organic wool and bamboo, as they are even biodegradable.


We gathered our favorite mindfully-made designs all in one place for you to explore and shop from! We're passionate about our planet and are proud to offer sustainbly stylish designs from across the globe – thank you for choosing to furnish your home from the heart!

April 22, 2022 — Cristiana Ventura