Gather With Gratitude

During this time of year, one of our favorite traditions is gathering around the dining table with our loved ones and expressing all of the things that bring us joy and gratitude. There is something truly enchanting about this beloved tradition. It helps us reflect on our perspectives while connecting on deeper levels with one another.

Where will you be gathering with gratitude this year? On the sofa, while cuddled up with hot tea and a fluffy throw? Or are you seated at the dining table with your family for a delicious seasonal meal? Perhaps you are content on a gorgeous velvet accent chair, documenting your thankfulness in a diary. No matter where you choose to spend your time, we hope you decide to gather with those who bring your joy and express gratitude with honesty and comfort.

There are so many reasons why an extendable dining table makes sense while extending your heart this season! Extend for more delicious meals, more loving friends, more social distancing, more love, and gratitude – you name it!

Here are some of our favorite extendable dining tables on the gallery floor right now that are available to receive before Thanksgiving.

October 28, 2020 — Cristiana Ventura