OMI Organic Mattresses Inc.

OMI Mattresses at TREE Eco Furniture in Tacoma

Sage Interiors is honored to now offer OMI Mattresses at our heritage gallery in Tacoma,WA. Not only do OMI's values of purity and transparency align with ours, but they also understand the importance of customized luxury and comfort, just like us..

Organic Mattresses, Inc. (OMI) is more than just America’s leading manufacturer of certified organic mattresses and bedding. They are also a full-circle environmental company committed to offering the purest organic mattresses and sleep products available anywhere, made responsibly from renewable materials.

But why organic?

It's safer, naturally. And since each of us spend nearly a third of our lives in bed, reducing our exposure to chemicals during sleep and rest may be the most substantial and easiest change we can make to impact our health.

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During this unprecedented time, the health and safety of our customers and remains our utmost priority. While taking the necessary precautions, we want you to embrace and experience these beautiful organic mattresses with peace of mind. To limit physical contact and to maintain their organic integrity, we are now booking appointments to experience these mattresses. Please call 833-855-8733 to schedule your time.

How do other mattresses compare to the purity of OMI?

What are their components, production processes, and finished-product testing? According to Sleep Safe in a Toxic World by Walter Bader, memory-foam mattresses emit 61 volatile organic compounds (VOC) chemicals into your bedroom. These VOCs are emitted as gas from solids or liquids and they are a major concern of the EPA and state air quality boards all over the United States. In the case of mattresses, these VOCs are from fibers, foams, adhesives, fire retardants and more. We invite you to use OMI's purity guarantee when comparing OMI to the competition. Not only are the individual raw materials in OMI mattresses certified organic, but the entire full constructed mattress is certified organic as well. Have peace of mind knowing you are protecting yourself and your family from harmful chemicals.


OMI Mattresses available now in our Heritage Gallery in Tacoma, WA

Pinnacle Mattress

Lago Nouveau Mattress

Rossa Mattress


Please call 833-855-8733 to schedule an appointment and to find your perfect OMI mattress.