The Mikado dining table, designed by Alain van Havre in Belgium, has been one of Ethnicraft's most recognizable designs for years. Its sculptural character is the result of a quest to find a balance between functionality and stability. Mikado's legs interlock like a well-thought-out puzzle. We love the simplicity of the design – easy to dress up or down but timeless across styles and eras.

It's true; the signature legs make this piece effortlessly distinctive. We adore the design in all shapes and sizes, including the oval and the round. Still, we swoon over the original mikado dining table – though its design imitates a rectangle, it has subtle curves to its long lines, reflecting the fluid inspiration within the hull of a boat. The thoughtful small details like this are what keep Ethnicraft a long time favorite of TREE.

"The Mikado can so effortlessly serve as the strong bones of a home's interior. The table design gracefully reflects the beauty and strength found in nature, which allows it to fit into any style."
- Nicole Wakley, TREE founder and lead design stylist


Like your favorite pair of jeans, the Mikado dining table is a staple, no matter your theme or style. The designs here are a select few of personalized mood boards that our home style team created for a client. They show the simplicity and flow the Mikado brings through styles. From rustic to edgy, or even whimsical, the Mikado is a timeless piece perfect to layer from.

February 04, 2021 — Cristiana Ventura