Sun-Soaked Simplicity

New! Outdoor Furniture Collection at TREE

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are spoiled by the beauty of nature. We embrace the outdoors daily by breathing in clean air, spotting a new Mt Rainier view, and by taking evening walks through green trails and even waterfronts. This season, create a unique outdoor space of your own styled with sun-soaked simplicity. Whether it's your front patio, backyard, or even your apartment balcony, transform it into your perfect outdoor oasis. TREE is excited to feature new and unique outdoor furniture pieces uniquely inspired by the beautiful Pacific Northwest – designed to not only last your family through the season but through generations to come.

Ethnicraft Outdoor Collection

Ethnicraft's newly launched teak outdoor collection is designed to adapt well to a range of environmental conditions, whether that be on an urban terrace or beachfront patio; warm and tropical or cool and mountainous. The beauty of teak is that, even when left in its natural state, outdoors and in any season, it is basically maintenance-free.

We love how all of Ethnicraft's designs are intentionally timeless. They withstand trends and associate well with different styles, and they can be passed on from one home to the next, carrying over the stories of one life into another.

Bok Outdoor Dining Chair

A signature Ethnicraft design, Alain van Havre’s iconic Bok dining chair now makes its way into the open air! Bring structural elegance and contemporary craftsmanship to your outdoor lifestyle.

Teak Jack Outdoor Sofa

Beautiful from every angle, luxuriant shapes and curves form the basis of the Jack sofa collection. Featuring upholstery woven in Belgium, every detail has been meticulously crafted to ensure comfort and elegance when enjoying the outdoors.


Just like its matching chair, the Bok dining table is another signature design. Its airy shape yet rock solid construction make this piece a timeless and remarkable design to enjoy for all the years to come.

Along with the new Ethnicraft collection, our design team has carefully curated various outdoor pieces that work beautifully across style and function. Here are some of our favorites!

February 25, 2021 — Cristiana Ventura