Vashon Island Interior Designers


Let your search for aesthetically superior interior designers in the Vashon Island, WA, area end with Sage Interiors, where we emulate our core belief of ‘profits with principles’ in every detail of the business.

Our Vashon Island interior designers keep in mind the latest trends in the world of décor to add warmth and a personal touch to your interiors.

From vintage rugs to luxury lighting and premium office furniture, every piece that our Vashon Island interior designers decide for you will be functionally adequate. The advice you get from our Vashon Island interior designers will be suited to the varying seasons and weather.

Your home is your sanctuary, and our aim is to make you fall in love with it. Come ask us about:

  • Boho interior designs
  • Small bedroom interior designs
  • Modern interior
  • Commercial interior designs
  • Luxury home décor
  • Transitional interior designs

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Vashon Island Interior Design


We put our hearts into all the Vashon Island interior design projects we undertake. The materials we use, and the furniture units we offer, are sustainably sourced, natural and reclaimed.

Our signature Vashon Island interior design solutions maintain the highest standards of eco-craftsmanship. Whether it is the whole house, the whole office space or just a particular corner of the property, you can design it anew or just remodel the décor.

Complemented with excellent customer service, we guarantee that our Vashon Island interior design services will delight you and transform your living space. We offer exclusive discounts and offers on every Vashon Island interior design project.

Come talk to us about:

  • Apartment interior designer
  • Small room interior designers
  • Bathroom interior
  • Interiors home
  • Eclectic decor design
  • Salon interior designs

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Vashon Island Interior Designer


When you hire your personal Vashon Island interior designer, you have the advantage and access to guidance through every step of the project. Not just that, your Vashon Island interior designer will understand your needs as a homeowner as well as the needs of your living space.

Combining their skills and knowledge of creativity and functional design, your Vashon Island interior designer will suggest only the best for your space. Feel free to direct all your questions to our Vashon Island interior designer, who will be happy to assist you with the following:

  • Interior design studio
  • Modern design
  • Design and décor
  • Minimalist room design
  • Creative interiors
  • Loft house design

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